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This is new to me, and really out of character…though others (particularly my students) might disagree. I’m not sure what my objective is here, but I hope to learn something in the process of writing and perhaps engaging in conversations with others.

Finally it is winter here…just in time for spring. It has been a warm winter, and not enough snow in my opinion (I haven’t been able to snowshoe at all!) There are many signs…ponds lack ice, active and well-fed wildlife, etc. In fact, last night I saw a HUGE raccoon. It was super fat for this time of year. Of course, it’s probably hitting all of the garbage cans rather than foraging for more “natural” fare. This is all circumstatial, and of course I can say nothing about “climate change” based on my personal, perhaps biased, observation…however…I heard a story today on NPR that was sobering! A professor at the University of Kansas, Pannir Kanagaratnam, reported on his study of ice melt from Greenland’s Glaciers. In 1996 he measured a melt of 22 cubic miles. In 2005, a whopping 54 cubic miles.

This story comes a week after the “Evangelical Call to Action” … a group of prominant evangelical leaders broke free of the “anti-environmentalist” mold to speak out against current attitudes and actions that perpetuate climate change. This story was pretty big…it made the National News because the majority of the public thinks that all evangelicals are anti-environment. NOT TRUE! Many evangelicals are misinformed, but there are many christian leaders in the environmental movement…Check out A Rocha… an International Christian Conservation Organization.

Well, it all comes down to loving our neighbors…how can we care for our suffering neighbors without considering the environment in which they live. As the earth gets warmer, we are creating an environment that will perpetuate disease and suffering…we should respond.

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  1. Dear Kristen – I was thinking about you today and tried to find your email address but had no luck. I was very excited to run across your web page. I hope all is well…please let me know how you and your family are doing. It’s been too long!


    Alan Cauley

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