We live a privelaged life. Water is only as far away as our sink…and usually clean enough to drink without boiling. Recently I had the privelage of working with my husband, my students, and my new friends in Honduras to help install a gravity-fed water system. Las Brisas, Honduras…. a beautiful place not too far from Nicaragua…until a last week most members of the community had to walk at least 2km for water.

We worked hard during our week in Las Brisas… though in reality, the digging we accomplished was nothing in comparison to the amount of work our new Honduran friends have done and continue to accomplish. The goal of our trip was to develop relationships. We made new friends and learned to live in community with each other (fellow Wheaties) and with our new friends in Las Briasas. We learned a little about poverty…though we can’t ever really know what it means to live with few/no options…we have so many choices! We have the privelage of education (though thankfully many in Las Brisas do too), vocation…I doubt any of my students will choose a life of farming coffee… and none of the young women in my group would choose to give up their independance for a life of making tortillas and caring for children (if you will allow me to oversimplify the lives of the extraordinary women of Las Brisas!).

What a week… extraodinary people… so thankful for the few things that they have…the most important thing being extraordinary hearts!